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With TimeCtrl you have complete control over your billable time

Less paperwork and more billable hours.

TimeCtrl gives you an easy to use platform that combines logging of billable time as well as a milage system with economic management.

The app supports most ERP systems, e.g. Microsoft Dynamics C5, Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics XAL, and fully integrates with these to ensure you don’t leave money on the table.

Easy milage registration with TimeCtrl

On every case it is possible to add milage registration, and the app logs the trip by the use of GPS in your smartphone.

Optionally you can add details or manually input the distance before saving and syncronising with your ERP.

Take pictures and save on the task

Save images on cases.

Record messages instead of typing.

If it is too complicated to write, so you can describe via voice message.

Your own design

Use our online tool to change colors and branding on the fly to create you very own app.

Easy integration

Combine the app with the power of your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

All in the Cloud

All data is stored in the cloud and is easy accessible through your ERP or our free web administration tool.

* For a customized edition, please contact us on 70 20 96 50 and hear about your options.

Easy management of billable time and milage

  • Monthly price per active user
  • Timetracking
  • Milage book
  • Online administration tool
  • Web adminstrartion
  • Daily backups
  • Phone support
  • Integration with your ERP system*
* Integration with your ERP system is optional and not included. Contact us at +45 70 20 96 50 for more information.
TimeCtrl is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics C5, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics XAL.

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